We are thrilled with Riverbend Christian Preschool! Our daughter is thriving there and the school is so clean and well organized. Most important is that our daughter is happy and thoroughly enjoys going to school – thank you for making her first school experience such a positive one!

S&S Kovacs

I wanted to say thank you for the program that you and your staff have conducted over the past year. You run an excellent program and my daughter has enjoyed every moment. She has blossomed out of her shy shell. Please pass along my thanks and appreciation.

M. Elliott

Please accept my sincere compliments on what a wonderful school you are running. The teachers are so loving and kind to all the children. The activities were well organized and fun. It is obvious all the children love the class. I cannot overstate how overjoyed I am that my son is getting this wonderful start to his spiritual, social and academic education.

D. Graham

We are not a member of organized religion and I was a bit concerned that it would be very Christian based. Although the Bible stories are a part of the program (Easter, Christmas, etc) our main reason for attending was their literacy program. We are very happy with our decision and our daughter had two wonderful years in the program.

JD Poots

When both my sons were diagnosed as having severe speech and motor skill delays I wasn't too sure how their preschool experience would play out. Riverbend Christian Preschool and the Seden Centre have provided me with the comfort that my children will receive the best supports they need, emotionally, socially and cognitively, to help guide them in the right direction towards a well rounded and positive education. The Seden Centre provides in school and at home support to help you and your child learn efficiently and positively. They combine the latest research with meaningful and fun experiences. I would recommend them to anyone concerned about their child's overall development going into preschool.


Thank you for being so friendly and welcoming to the children and family members. You are good role models for our children. We are very happy with the school and feel blessed to be a part of it!