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    Teachers at RCP are Early Childhood Educators committed to quality education. Enrollment numbers are limited to provide greater care and attention for each child.

    Chelsea Chapman

    Chelsea Sloan

    Our Program Director has over ten years’ experience working with children; from leading Sunday School, working in a daycare, directing youth group, to teaching primary grades in elementary school. She has a Bachelor of Arts (major in Religious Studies and minor in Mathematics), a Bachelor of Education, and is certified as a Child Development Supervisor. She is newly-wed to a sweet and handsome entertainer, loves reading, and spends her spare time being creative: doing crafts, sewing, or colouring.

    Grace Eunjoo Lee

    Grace Eunjoo Lee

    Mrs. Lee has been a teacher at RCP since 2013 in both a lead and support role. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education, has studied School Counseling, and is certified as a Child Development Supervisor. Mrs. Lee has 20 years of experience as a middle school teacher in South Korea, 6 years as a Sunday school teacher, and has worked with preschoolers in Edmonton since 2012. Mrs. Lee lives with her husband and is a choir conductor at her church. She loves to sing and to share her love of music and her joyfulness with her students.

    Kristin Ruptash

    Kristen Ruptash

    Mrs. Ruptash is an Educational Assistant at RCP. Her experience with children includes work in child care facilities in both management roles and child care attending, volunteering in the Sunday school at her church and in her own children’s school. Mrs. Ruptash is certified as a Child Care Assistant. Together with her husband, Mrs. Ruptash raises her two teenagers, one of which is an RCP alumni. She enjoys reading, being outdoors, animals, going to the beach and living a life of faith.

    Melissa Bentley

    Melissa Bentley

    Mrs. Bentley is the RCP Administrator. She has over 11 years’ experience with teaching Sunday school and directing Riverbend Lutheran Church’s Bible school camps. Mrs. Bentley has a Humanities Diploma, studied Early Learning and Child Care and is certified as a Child Care Worker. Having lived in the Riverbend area since 2005, Mrs. Bentley and her family of a husband and three boys (one of which is an RCP alumni) are active members of Riverbend Lutheran Church and of the Riverbend community. She enjoys reading, crocheting and sewing, watching her sons and the Edmonton Prospects play baseball, and gardening.

    Wendy Fraser

    Mrs. Fraser is a member of the Board of Directors of RCP, and is a retired teacher and school principal. With her Bachelor of Science in Education minoring in Early Childhood, Mrs. Fraser is a great asset to RCP substitute teacher roster. Mrs. Fraser enjoys playing with her 5 grandsons, sewing, knitting, baking, gardening and is involved with the Concordia Community Choir.

    ... more important than "head knowledge" is the "heart knowledge" displayed by teachers who are motivated by the Great Teacher - Jesus Christ Himself